Conference Room Rental

As a service to Chamber members and the regional business community, conference rooms at our Waterford office are available for your next meeting or small event!

The two rooms at 914 Hartford Turnpike are conveniently located to I-95 and I-395, nearly next door to Target and Waterford Commons on Route 85. Members may use the space for free, while non-members are permitted to rent the rooms for a fee.

Smart Meetings:

Enhance your meeting experience for remote attendees with our Meeting Owl, a 360-degree smart speaker with HD camera and crystal-clear sound that cooperates with most virtual meeting platforms. Add the Owl to your meeting for a $55 technology use fee.

It is highly recommended to visit the conference room to test and troubleshoot your AV in advance of your reservation. Chamber staff will be on hand to help you prepare, but the meeting organizer is ultimately responsible for technology needs and operations.


Food and Beverage:

The large conference room offers complimentary Keurig coffee and tea courtesy of our Regional Benefactors and Lathrop Vending. Water bottles are available upon request. You may request use of the Chamber’s office fridge and microwave in advance.

Shop Chamber! For catering needs while renting our rooms, we require the use of Chamber members for services. Click to view: caterers, restaurants, fast-casual restaurants


Schedule and Fees:

As a perk of membership, Chamber members may request use of either conference room at no cost.

Non-members may rent conference room space for $50 per hour, minimum commitment of one hour.

  • Advance Notice is required.
  • Space availability will be confirmed within 48 hours of initial request.
  • One person must be the designated “point person” for any questions or notification of emergencies that require rescheduling.
  • Recurring meeting requests are permitted.
  • Chamber member meetings should take place between the hours of 8am and 5pm, including any set-up and breakdown time. Member meetings held after hours can be accommodated with advance notice for a fee of $25 per hour outside of normal operating hours. In the interest of sharing this space, use may be limited based on the needs of all members.
  • Non-member meetings must take place between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
  • No meetings can be accommodated on weekends.

Reserve a conference room for your next meeting

Contact the Chamber at or (860) 701-9113 today!

Meeting organizer is responsible for proper care of all equipment and furniture during meeting. Groups or individuals using the facility are liable for any damage to or misuse of the building, furnishings, or equipment. Charges for damage will be based on replacement cost, cleaning cost, or total repair cost.