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Thousands of professionals in your network
Diverse array of networking, training, & events
Professional development opportunities

Promote your business, products and services

Robust member directory drives traffic to your business
Digital weekly news to 8,000 subscribers and 20,000 followers
Promotions and marketing campaigns designed for Eastern CT

Access valuable resources

Topical workshops & seminars
Member-exclusive discounts, including Employee Health Insurance & 401(k) Program
Business development tools & support

Engage in the legislative process

Access to elected officials
Information on laws that affect your business
Advocacy for your business interests

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Digital New Member Announcement
Recognition at Upcoming Events
Online Directory Profile
Networking Opportunities
Two Business After Hours Passes

New Member Orientation Session
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
Access to affordable group health insurance
FREE Use of Chamber Conference Room
FREE Job Posting Service

Business Workshops
Referrals through Chamber
FREE Web Ad or Mailing Labels
Display marketing materials in Chamber office
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