To create a platform that provides young professionals in eastern Connecticut with positive opportunities upon which to build professional networks, social relationships, and engage in volunteer activities that improve the economic vitality and quality of life of our community.

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An annual YPECT subscription is just $65 per person. It is pro-rated based on the month you join.

Benefits of a YPECT Subscription

Subscribe to the YPECT event series to connect with 250+ local peers and build your skills, while exploring unique local destinations.

An annual YPECT subscription includes attendance at:

  • 12 YPsocials, including at least 1 joint Chamber Business After Hours
  • 1 “Tips from the Top” CEO discussion program
  • 2 “Sip and Share” workshops


New in town? Not sure what’s going on for young adults in eastern Connecticut? Not sure how to get involved and have your voice heard? YPECT events aim to answer at least one of these questions. Ambassadors are also on hand at events to welcome and assist newcomers.

What qualifies as a Young Professional?

Let’s look at the two words separately to provide some better context:

Young: Anyone who feels that they are young at heard is qualified! Typically the term “young professional” indicates that they are between 18-40.

Professional: Many YPECT subscribers work in a professional setting, but also include artists, service workers, self-employed, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and everything in between.

YPECT Structure

The Young Professionals of Eastern CT (YPECT) is an event series of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut which offers ambitious young professionals opportunities for social networking, professional development, and civic engagement. It is organized by Chamber staff and influenced by a peer-elected Chairperson and a planning committee.

A subscription will help you meet new people, build your career and professional network, develop your leadership abilities, experience the highlights of living in eastern Connecticut, and give back to the community.


Networking is a key component of the YPECT program. Each month, young professionals will gather at these informal meetings to conduct business, make new contacts and develop leads that add to their bottom line.  Events are hosted in some of eastern Connecticut’s premier hot spots and unique venues that have specific offerings for young adults. Past events have been held at restaurants, museums, hotels, wineries, dance studios, and more. You’ll have an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and share common interests with peers in a fun environment.

Professional Development

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your career. YPECT subscribers are encouraged to participate in the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT and attend the many career-oriented programs offered by the region’s largest business organization. Special guest speakers and development topics are also offered at some YPECT events.

Civic Engagement

Subscribers are encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities, presented as they become available with Chamber member non-profit organizations. This may include food drives, charity walks, hands-on activities, and more. YPECT subscribers are also involved in local parades and expos to gain exposure and encourage new subscribers. These activities are not only chances to learn about and give back to our community, but to build lasting relationships within it.


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Megan Gilbert, Director of Programs